Waldemar J. Marszałek

Exhibition at Galeria Wirydarz, Lublin

Added: 01.04.2012

I had been looking for title for the exhibition, but upon consideration I decidet not to use one. Words, I presume, would overly simplify the expression of the theme of  display, and they would excenssively dictate a specific mode of interpretation the subject of the majority of the paintings is the onieric experience of the ability to flay freely. For a long time I have been "hauted" by a dream where I have a completely unrestrained power to flay. A number of feelings, emotions and experiences wich arose from that became the reason behind the creation of my paintings. What happened in the dream could not happen in reality, since reality means gravity, the laws of physics, the pain of fall and the boundaries restricted by rules. The wealth of perceptions real-life vertigo and fear of flaying on planes were nothing when compared to my dream emotions. I preserved them to be able to share them with You.


      Once again I warmly invite You to my exhibition at Galeria Wirydarz, Lublin, Ul. Grodzka 19; on the 15 th of June.